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Navigate Cyprus Application
Navigate Cyprus Application

About Navigate Cyprus

Navigate Cyprus is an award winning, off board navigation service with maps of Cyprus, available only for customers of BlackBerry from Vodafone.
Navigate Cyprus allows users to enjoy a full-featured car navigation experience from their BlackBerry device with turn-by-turn route guidance and voice instructions.

Navigate Cyprus Manual (PDF, Size 1,6 mb)

Settings  (PDF, Size 1,2 mb)

How can I get the App Navigate Cyprus?

If you have a BlackBerry from Vodafone, you can locate the icon of Navigate Cyprus on the menu or the downloads folder of your BlackBerry device:

Click on the icon in order to download and install the APP on your device.

How much does it cost?

Navigate Cyprus is offered on a subscription free basis. Please note that current Mobile Internet charges apply for downloading and using the App.
Off-board navigation is a server based service: street data are stored on a central server, without using mobile device’s memory space and always providing up to date maps.

Navigate Cyprus connects to server, using the mobile internet service, only when a new route is requested by the user.
After the route has been downloaded Navigate Cyprus disconnects from the server and manages navigation in local mode.

For downloading the APP on your device you will consume approximately 2ΜΒ.
For downloading voice instructions you will consume approximately 0,7ΜΒ per language.
For a route around 70 Km, mobile internet usage will be approximately 13OkB.

Supported devices;

The App is compatible with all BlackBerry devices available form Cytamobile-Vodafone.

Please note that the device BlackBerry 8520, does not have a pre-installed GPS receiver and for using the APP you will need to connect it with an external GPS receiver via Bluetooth. External GPS receivers can be found at Cytashop.

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