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The Geomatic Mobile Mapper system is one of the first of its kind in the world.This state-of-the-art 3D mapping system for collecting mapping data from a moving vehicle with high resolution cameras, scanning at 360°, combined with Differential GPS + IMU and odometer, offers a host of uses and implementations to the planner, the engineer and the project manager.





System components

  • 6 cameras for stereo image collection at 15 shots a second per camera
  • 360o panoramic Camera LadyBug3®
  • Odometer
  • Differential GPS (Leica GNS15) + Inertial Measurement Unit (OXTS Inertial+) for establishing precise coordinates
  • Computers and peripheral equipment


System outputs via our software Geomatic Road Processor Panorama

  • Precise journey route done in a simple, efficient and a user friendly process.
  • Panoramic photography that affords a wide spatial view which enables you to perform measurements on the photo.
  • Automatic deciphering of objects along the route - poles, signposts, road signs, etc.
  • Creation of GIS entities and deriving precise coordinates from them.


System benefits

  • Collection of general information about the route/road during fast driving. Anchored geographical information.
  • Shortening data collection time and period of submission to customer, while maintaining unprecedented geographic precision.
  • Convenient and simple to use interface that easily connects to all common GIS systems.
  • Flexibility and maximum adjustment to user needs and systems.


Uses and implementations



Public Sector

  • Street surveys - fast coverage of town/ village streets and street level image mapping in the shortest time and highest resolution
  • Immediate connection to the local municipality's GIS and management systems
  • Precise automatic and highly detailed mapping of building facades, street signs, gardening, street and road condition, fences, parting walls, street lighting, and more...


Road maintenance

  • Inventory surveys signposts, precise coordinates of each signpost, signpost classification
  • Survey of fences and safety barriers - ability to focus on details up to a 5 cm resolution
  • Surveys of hazards along roads/ rails - vegetation, damaged road, buildings, traffic lights
  • Road marking surveys - cracks in road, curbstones, crossings, street lighting





Facility protection

The system provides extensive information. It is excellent for planning specific locations and allows planning and control of engineering projects.


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