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GIS Services

Geomatic implements innovative managing tools and provides solutions of technological cutting edge, combining the Global Positioning System (G.P.S.) and the Geographical Information System (G.I.S.) .

We has extensive experience in executing large and advanced GIS and Cadastre projects and we specialize in setting up of databases starting from data collection (planning, physical, property data and more), through data analysis, to assimilation in a GIS system.


Data Field Acquisition

  • Acquisition of geographical data (Geographic Information / Road Related Information)
  • Acquisition of geospatial data for major roads, urban roads, unpaved roads

 Data Homogeneity

  • Creation of geographical data


Web Map Platform  - Geomatic Maps™

We have developed a rich and powerful Web Based G.I.S. platform, called GeomaticMapsTM. This web platform is based on our own GeomaticMapsTM API and the digital geographical database of Geomatic and offers a vast number of online capabilities like. This digital geographical database is being developed and assessed since 2006, and after having passed all quality controls, it is today being utilized for navigation by the largest companies in the navigation market worldwide, and for a variety of location-based services. Geomatic continuously updates Geomatic MapsTM, in order to maintain the quality and high standards of the database.


Multivision System


The MultiVision system enables users to view and analyze aerial photographs in a more intuitive and informative way than existing means.

The technology combines a top view perspective using a vertical aerial photography based orthophoto, and 4 side view perspectives based on oblique (angle) aerial photography.


The vertical and oblique imagery is combined into one easy to use system, which allows the extraction of meaningful visual data and precise measurements on the photographed area.


In addition, MultiVision's 3D application enables instant creation of 3D building models including actual textures at substantially reduced cost, labor and time compared to available tools in the market.



With Multivision you can view, measure, analyze, plan, annotate, and retrieve information from multiply points of view.

Multivision Applications

  • Urban & Infrastracture planning
  • Exatc identification of construction irregularities
  • Traffic control
  • Urban real estates surveys
  • Cadastre management
  • Property tax control and calculations
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