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Aerial Photography
Aerial Photography

In cooperation with our partners in Ofek Aerial Photo we can provide to our customers vertical stereoscopic aerial photographs, oblique aerial photographs, aerial video photography, thermographic aerial photography with FLIR and radiometric systems. Aerial photography is performed with fleet of 4 airplanes that are equipped with state-of-the-art mapping cameras, as well as the most advanced image processing and GIS hardware and software tools.


Digital Orthophoto

Rectified aerial photography anchored in a grid of coordinates with an option for a view at scales of 1:500 to 1:10,000.

  • Resolution – producing orthophotos at changing scales per customer needs


  • Quality – strict adherence to the highest level of geometric and radiometric accuracy.


  • Flexibility – the material is submitted in any format requested with an option for 3D display, addition of geographic layers as needed, and high quality mega printouts.


Oblique aerial photos

Aerial photographs from changing angles (determined per project needs) taken with a variety of cameras with different parameters for 3D modeling, Multivision and artistic documentation of landscapes and sights.


Vertical stereoscopic aerial photos

Vertical aerial photographs are taken with high-resolution mapping cameras (approved by ISI) from different altitudes for Orthophoto and Photogrammetric mapping.

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